01. Tracy [supplements] her income with a part-time job at a fast food restaurant.
02. Suzica had to take an iron [supplement] during her pregnancy.
03. You should [supplement] your diet with vitamin B12 if you are a vegetarian.
04. This dietary [supplement] includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals required for an average adult.
05. Some corporate sponsorships are necessary to [supplement] public funding for the festival.
06. There is a special financial [supplement] to the newspaper every Friday.
07. Handicapped residents of the housing complex receive a [supplement] to help with rent costs.
08. You can get [supplemental] insurance coverage for an additional $5 a month.
09. You don't need to take [supplementary] vitamins if you eat properly.
10. Kathy Mohnke once said that marriage is like vitamins; we [supplement] each other's minimum daily requirements.
11. The koala is one of the few land animals that does not need water to [supplement] its food.
12. Multinational corporations must be challenged to pay their adult workers in developing countries a liveable wage so that children do not have to work to [supplement] their parents' income.
13. Young children have small stomachs, and high energy needs, so they need frequent snacks to [supplement] meals.
14. As a language learner, you may sometimes need to [supplement] the work done in the classroom with material you have gathered which is relevant to your specific language goals.
15. In 1835, the slaves working on the island of Mauritius were freed, and the labor force was [supplemented] by workers brought in from China and India.
16. The importance of calcium [supplementation] to bone health is well known.
17. She doesn't eat many vegetables, so she has been [supplementing] her diet with vitamin pills.
18. Immunization and vitamin A [supplementation] have been credited with saving the lives of millions of children each year.

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